My son is soon going to be 25!

So many gifts he has given me. 

The world is more crazy than it used to be. 

We have included him in just about everything we do.

I love the people in public that smile and let me know, we are alright just the way we are.

There are many. The families that walk by, one after the other with the hard “don’t look” faces forward except for that one child that is dancing to their own beat, looks over at you, smiles and waves. Makes me wonder why that child gets it! 

No this isn’t the life I planned, but isn’t this what parenting is all about? 

Loving and supporting the child you chose to have, no matter what. 

I love life with my son and know I am a better person with a fuller life than had I not had him. 

I feel sorry for those families that chose to ignore their greatest gifts of all.

(Author Unknown)

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